Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mind Road Trip;

It's one of those nights, where we're waiting on a blizzard.. my honey is fast asleep, along with our cats, and all I can do is sit here and think. I can't even concentrate on my show I'm trying to catch up on. There is just so much going on, and so much to do that I can't even get started on and THAT is making it all worse. I'm a huge List-er. I make lists of everything and I've been on a listing roll all day, I spent most of the day doing to-do lists, the grocery list, and next month's budget. Sometimes I feel like I'm constantly making lists in my head. I mean I just made a list of the lists I've made today. I just can't stop! But this next month is going to be super exciting for me once this snow will clear.
Last week I sold my cousin my car, because it'd be too much to get it sent up here to me. So now I'm waiting on my check to get here so I can get a car or a truck, I have two waiting to be test driven as soon as the icky weather clears! Friday I'm getting my very first perm! I'm so excited! And the first we're getting our new fridge. We've got to get one of our cats fixed sometime this month. I'm painting the living room. I'm doing a full top to bottom cleaning of the house.. ah. So much more. All this is circling (in list form, of course!) in my head.
I keep thinking about it all. And then there is the list that I think about 24/7; My family, are they doing okay.. how are they. My best friend, when will I get to see her again. My future, when will it truly start. Motherhood, I see so many friends on Facebook with their babies and I just wonder when my time will come. I took a test today because I've been tired a lot and nauseated. Negative, again. A million things rush in my head like, am I even able to get pregnant? Yadda yadda.
I found something on the internet with a TON of great reviews, conceive easy. The first month is free, all we'd have to do is pay shipping. It's all natural and it's to help hormonal levels get fixed. We've been talking about trying that out. If any of you have tried it/know someone who has, please feel free to send me an e-mail or leave a comment below with your review of it!

I think that's all for right now. I feel some type of calming in my head now.

Rambling over,

Peace&Love -thatjoogirl

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  1. Ok so a word of advice (came straight from the OBGYN) don't worry about pregnancy vitamins, just take Folic acid. Folic acid is what the baby needs, and if your body has what it needs to grow a little baby Joo, great! The least it could do is build up a nice comfortable, healthy immunoboost for the babe when it comes, and it will come:) Keep your pretty head up lady. Your future is in the making< it's already started love> Take it easy, and call anytime you want to talk. LOL we really haven't had a rambling conversation in a long, long time. I miss that. I miss you too. Love always!