Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So I LOVE the day after President's day! Why you ask? Because I just got a handful of Freebies from the mail, that's why!

  • HSI Professional Argan Oil.
  • Coupon for a free pack of Marlboro anything. 
  • L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare (Total Repair 5, for damaged hair..) They gave 5 things to choose from for the damaged hair one (1- weak, 2- limp, 3-lifeless, 4-dull, 5-strawlike; Mine is basically all of the above, so we will see how well this works!) , and I chose this thanks to may years of dying. It came with shampoo, conditioner, and damage erasing balm. 
  • Tricalm, ointment for itching, burning, and stinging. Waiting for this to come in handy! 
  • 4 free samples of Airborne!!! Including: 1) Hot Soothing Mix, honey lemon flavored. 2) Plus energy, citrus flavored. 3) Effervescent Tablet, Zesty orange flavored. 4) Chewable Tablet, berry flavored.

    I will keep you all updated with reviews as I use them.  

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