Thursday, January 31, 2013

Freebie Review #1

I am a HUGE new fan to freebie sites (I use and .. I check them daily and whether I need it or not, as long as it looks legit, I order it. So far I've only received two things: a ring sizer and Breathe Right Strips. Aside from the almost tornado we had here night before last at like 3 am, this is all I have worth blogging about for today..

I have a terribly embarrassing problem.. I snore.. and being a new house girlfriend (lol) it's something that I really hope to be able to control. Not only do I snore, I have troubles sleeping and when I do get to sleep.. I wake up feeling exhausted. The pack came with two strips and a dollar off coupon (which I will be using). They are individually wrapped and they kind of look like band-aids, and it came in a regular white envelope. I ended up using both of them the first night because like a dummy I decided to not read the directions.. there IS a difference from top and bottom, fair warning.  They are nice and about a medium thickness and clear. The moment I put them on I felt a difference, it opened my airways and I knew I was about to receive the best sleep I've had in quite sometime.. WHICH I DID!
All in all, I give Breathe Right Strips 5 stars.

I can't wait to get more of my freebies in the mail so I can try them and review them for your guys. If you haven't done any freebie sites because you don't think they're legit or that you will be scammed, it all boils down to how reliable a site is. I ALWAYS give them my old, fake, number and anything that asks for a CC# I just enter in 10 numbers, but there is a site where you can get a free fake identity if you don't feel right putting in 10 random numbers. 

If you have ANY questions or comments feel free to leave them below or email them to me.

Yours truly,
That. Joo. Girl.


  1. Do you normally use two at a time? Seems to me if you have to use two every night, they don't deserve 5 stars. j/s.

  2. I put the first one on upside down! :P My fault, NOT theirs.

  3. lol and it stuck to your nose??? Hol' you nose! Hol' you nose!