Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Welcome to my blog! 

Hi! This is my very first time, EVER, doing a blog! I'm not sure how to introduce myself without coming off a tad awkward, so I will just lay it out straight for you. I'm a 21 year old southern girl. I'm a new house girlfriend and I'm also TTC. In this blog I plan on talking about EVERYTHING, new music I find, new movies coming out, new movies/old movies that I watch and critique, new make up, coupons, freebies, etc. Also, if you'd like to ask for advice or if you have a new topic you'd like for me to talk about I will add my contact info. (If you'd like your advice to be anonymous, you can request that in the email.) But anyways thank you for your interest in my blog, and I hope you can become a Joofan

Yours truly, 
That. Joo. Girl.   

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